2023 Source Zero Con

AI for Red Teamers (what it looks like when the matrix actually comes for you)

Wednesday, June 21  |  1:00 p.m. - 2:00 p.m. ET

In this talk we will take a deep dive into current AI technology and how it can be practically applied to red team simulations. From chatGPT created phishing campaigns to Voice.ai phone pretexting calls we will talk about how red teamers can use services built of Open AI GPT4 technology to implement convincing and creative attack scenarios that truly test the attack resiliency of an organization. Additionally armed with the knowledge that AI technology will never be as bad as it is today, we will speculate on where we see the AI technology space going in the future and how it will impact red team operations for years to come.  Whether you are a fan of this emerging technology, taking the first step down a road that ends with Skynet, or somewhere in the middle, this talk will be informative on where the current state of AI technology is, how it can be used, and where it is likely to go in the future.  

Tim Elrod