More on the positive security impact of having a comprehensive, strategic IAM and PAM solution to help mitigate internal breach risks.

With security breaches increasing 45 percent in 2017*, it’s time to start looking at identity and access management (IAM), privileged access management (PAM) and identity governance administration (IGA) through a new lens. This means implementing the best technology and thinking strategically about how a cohesive IAM and privilege program can support your business initiatives and protect your brand and customer loyalty.

Hear from BeyondTrust, SailPoint, and Optiv as they bust the most common IAM and PAM myths, including:
  1. Myth 1: “Project-based IAM implementation hasn’t been a problem thus far”
  2. Myth 2: “Our IT teams have provisioning/de-provisioning under control when it comes to on-and off-boarding”
  3. Myth 3: “Spreadsheets work fine when it comes to role integration, PAM activity, reporting, and auditing”
  4. Myth 4: “Our in-house IT staff can support our IAM program”
  5. Myth 5: “A ‘best of breed’ IAM or PAM solution is too complex and expensive”

Identity and privilege access experts from BeyondTrust, SailPoint, and Optiv offer a dynamic conversation that dispels common IAM myths and addresses actual customer use cases. No matter your company size, you’ll learn more about the things you must consider in this new age of cybersecurity.

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