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We've digitized the most educational cybersecurity conference

As we’ve followed the spread of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), it became clear that right now, the best way to safely engage with our community is through a unique digital conference experience. As companies in all industries and of all sizes grapple with one unexpected issue after another, there is one constant: Optiv is here for you. We remain committed to delivering services and solutions that help clients securely meet their rapidly evolving business challenges.

Please join us for OptivCon Virtual, an exclusive summit where you’ll learn how to reduce enterprise risk and realize stronger, simpler and less costly cybersecurity programs. This complimentary event gives you the ability to virtually connect with peers and industry experts to learn how to address some of your biggest cybersecurity concerns, and hear about the latest trends. Enjoy an exciting morning keynote, panel discussion & breakout sessions!

By participating you can expect to learn more about:

  • –Mitigating risk & detecting threat during a global pandemic
  • –How to protect your cyber futures post-COVID-19
  • –Maintaining privacy in a remote environment



Keynote: Chris Tarbell, former FBI Cybersecurity Special Agent

Former FBI special agent Christopher Tarbell is one of the most successful cybersecurity law enforcement officials of all time–so successful, in fact, that books and movies are being made about his legendary career. Dubbed “the Eliot Ness of online crime” by Newsweek, he is the man responsible for infiltrating the hacker group Anonymous and taking down the notorious dark web drug trafficking site Silk Road, called “the most sophisticated and extensive criminal marketplace on the Internet.” He led the tracking and arrest of two of the most infamous figures in cyberspace: Sabu, who was at one point the most influential hacker in the world, and Dread Pirate Roberts, who was later convicted for his involvement with Silk Road.

With 17 years in law enforcement–including time in the FBI’s preeminent cyber-crime squad–and extremely rare insight into the minds of the hacker community, Tarbell is the nation’s preeminent voice on cybersecurity, and the man that gives even the most notorious cybercriminals nightmares.

Conversation with Optiv's new CEO, Kevin Lynch


Identity and Data Management in a Time of Rapid Change

The “new normal” is a misnomer – the measures you are looking to apply and enforce are not “new” and the environment you are applying them to is anything but “normal”! In this time of rapid change, the securing and re-assessing of an organization’s security environment is now more critical than ever before. As such, it is imperative for organizations to re-assess their Identity and Data Management (IDM) strategy, policies and processes as their prior implementations and standards may no longer be viable or ensure the same level of security. Addressing privileged access, data security and identity governance holistically should be a top priority in this re-assessment to ensure the highest level of IDM security. 

During this panel, Julie Talbot-Hubbard, Optiv’s VP/GM of Identity and Data Management, discusses with our partners, CyberArk, SailPoint and Varonis, how their clients have been addressing their rapidly shifting environments and why a comprehensive IDM approach is more crucial than ever.


Julie Talbot-Hubbard, VP/GM of Identity and Data Management, Optiv
Adam Bosnian, EVP, Global Business Development, CyberArk
Lori Robinson, Sr. Director of Product and Market Strategy, SailPoint
Brian Vecci, Field CTO, Varonis

CPE Credits

Earn CPE credits at OptivCon Virtual!

By attending the full live event, including morning keynote, panel discussion & breakout sessions, attendees can earn up to 3 credits.

During the live event you can submit your credentials using the CPE widget located at the bottom of your screen. Optiv will submit to ISC(2) on your behalf as long as you provide us with the following information: full name & member number (CISSP). 

If you need to submit credits to an organization other than ISC(2), please download a certificate from the Resources widget available during live sessions. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a fee to participate?

No, OptivCon Virtual is a complimentary digital event.

How do I earn CPEs for attending?

By attending the full live event, including morning keynote, panel discussion & breakout sessions, attendees can earn up to 3 credits. Optiv will submit to ISC(2) on your behalf as long as you provide us with the following credentials: full name & member number.

If you need to submit credits to a different organization, please request a certificate post event from Optiv Marketing

What time does the event start?

The event will begin at 10:00 a.m. (PST) on Thursday, July 16. You will be able to log into sessions 15 minutes before they start, however live presentations will not begin until their scheduled times. Please check the agenda for more details. 

Do I have to attend the entire event?

In order to fully engage with us during OptivCon Virtual, we recommend participating in all live sessions. By attending the keynote, panel & breakout, you're eligible to earn 3 CPE credits. 

What can I expect from OptivCon Virtual?

These sessions will focus on Optiv's client-first response to COVID-19 and provide insight to life after the pandemic.

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