2023 Source Zero Con

Cyber Insurance: Why It's an Assest NOT a Liability in a Cyber Event

Wednesday, June 21  |  1:30 p.m. - 2:15 p.m. ET

"Ransomware up 80% in 2022", "Cyber Insurance Premiums Increased by 28% in 2022, and 50%-200% in 2021", "A Security Researcher Gains Access to a Global Supply Chain Management System", "Cyber Insurance No Longer Readily Available to All Companies"

These are all headlines that business owners read and broke out into hives in 2022! With the cost of insurance policies skyrocketing, limits of terms declining, and validation that strong cybersecurity strategies are in place prior to binding a policy, enterprise executives are now tackling new requirements and funds to have cyber coverage.

Obtaining cyber insurance means having to meet the robust controls and demonstrate the efficacy of the controls that the insurance company are now requiring. Not surprisingly, the C-Suite is looking for outside recommendations to adhere to the ever-changing cyber insurance market and demands.

In this presentation, we will discuss the evolution of cyber insurance, the dynamic demands from insurance underwriters in 2023, and how Optiv is raising the bar to help corporations tackle the new cyber insurance underwriting requirements.

Dara Gibson