Automated Vulnerability Management

Focus First on the Threats that Matter Most

Remediating vulnerabilities can be a massive lift. Legacy systems and processes are no longer enough to combat the management of today’s vulnerabilities. It’s time to take a proactive and systematic approach to identifying, prioritizing, verifying and remediating vulnerabilities within your unique environment.

An effective vulnerability management (VM) program depends on rapid identification, risk-based prioritization and quick remediation of vulnerabilities to be successful. If one of these falls short, the entire program will degrade. 

Working together, Optiv & Tenable will help you move to a proactive, prioritized VM strategy – saving you time – so you can address the vulnerabilities that really matter.

Optiv can help you build, audit/access and manage an effective vulnerability management program. Add in Tenable’s vulnerability management solutions and together we can help you:

  • Monitor any asset, anywhere
  • Adopt real-world threat modeling
  • Prioritize remediation

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Top 5 Reasons to Evolve to Risk-Based Vulnerability Management 

Learn why now is the time to evolve to a risk-based VM approach: Make full contextual decisions. Get rid of blind spots. Approach your program with purpose and strategy. Minimize disruptions to your operations.

Focus on the Vulnerabilities that Pose the Greatest Risk

Find answers to questions like, “What should we fix first?” Understand why legacy VM doesn’t work in today's digital world. Discover why Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS) fails as a prioritization tool - and why it’s imperative to consider business context.

Best Practices for Automated Vulnerability Remediation

Meantime to remediate (MTTR). Unless you’re measuring it in minutes, it’s too long. Is automated remediation the answer? In this Optiv Field Guide, we tackle automated remediation. Evolve from your ancient, time-consuming process to one that leverages new change management processes and recent technological advances.

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How to Build A Successful Vulnerability Management Program

Understand the key challenges your program will face when closing the cyber exposure gaps through identification, prioritization and remediation.

Risk-Based Vulnerability Management Changes the Game

Learn how risk-based vulnerability management begins with richer data and ends up reducing risk in a more efficient and meaningful way than legacy vulnerability management programs.