2023 Source Zero Con

Vertical Risk Reports and You: Practical Applications of Cyber Threat Intelligence

Wednesday, June 21  |  3:15 p.m. - 4:00 p.m. ET

There is a lot of talk in the security industry about intelligence-driven security - how applying intelligence to security processes can move you from a reactive security stance to a proactive security stance. But how do you actually go about doing this? What does it take to build an intelligence program from the ground up? How will your CTI program interact with your SOC? Who are your stakeholders? Who should get intelligence products? What IS an intelligence product?

This session will walk you through the core tenets of a functional cyber threat intelligence (CTI) program. Built around the central concepts of uniformity of work, independence of analysis and the Optiv General CTI Outline, we will cover not only the fundamentals of a good CTI program, but the how and why as well.gence contained within. We will cover the contents of the VRRs, how they are put together, and what the content means for your environment and security stance. We will also cover how to use strategic-level intelligence - common pitfalls, useful tips, and information applicable not just to Optiv's VRRs, but strategic intelligence documents in general.

Nick Hyatt


Emily Lee